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Dari Kota Santet Menjadi Kota Internet

The transformation of Banyuwangi into its current achievement was started back to 2010 when the former Regent, Mr. Abdullah Azwar Anas started his administration. Mr. Anas developed a strong vision with clear targets and priorities based on data and statistics. His vision of Banyuwangi as a major tourism destination was successfully shared with all governmental agencies and implemented within a collaborative movement during 10 years period.

All programmes and policies were developed based on data and results of various surveys which are co-analysed by several related agencies to develop comprehensive programmes or policies.

One of the programmes that showed Banyuwangi’s commitment to environment protection was called Sedekah Oksigen (Oxygen Donation), enacted by Regent Regulation 9/2013, of which calculated the amount of oxygen per one tree.

The local government has been creating various events and innovations to promote its touristic brand of Majestic Banyuwangi while protecting its environment, building people’s capacity, improving public service and health, such as: Tebar Ikan Terkendali (Controlled Fish Distribution), Wisata Jalan Kaki (Walking Tour), Pasar Tematik (Thematic Market), Pelatihan Kopi 1000 Santri (Coffee Training for 1000 Religious Students), Gancang Aron (Android Application for Free Medicine Delivery Service in corporation with GOJEK), and so on.

Innovative public facilities such as: Lounge Pelayanan Publik (Public Service Lounge) with common meeting room, interactive digital information displays and command center, Mall Pelayanan Publik (Public Servise Mall, Mall Orang Sehat (Healthy People Mall), and other have received national-wide acknowledgement and become learning centers for other cities and regencies.

Foreseen challenge for Banyuwangi is the political will of the successor of the current Regent since there will be an election for a new Regent in 2020. And another challenge is the public awareness which is still partially improved lead by the young generation. However it still needs time before the awareness can be fully raised.

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