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A Sincere Urban Development

According to the concept of Sustainable Urban Development, the city government is fully responsible for providing the urban infrastructure (JICA, 2015). It is a wrong perception if then the citizen, either through the social communities or the private companies, feel that it is also their duty instead. However the government must involve its citizen in the stage of management and maintenance of an urban infrastructure or facility for public, beside ofcourse its utilization.

Under the status of public facility, there would not be any conflict of interests. Furthermore with public involvement in the management and maintenance then it is expected that the spirit of self-belonging would also be transfered to the citizen. Bottom line is that the city government conducts a development according to its responsibilities. A sincere one.


Image 1. Pedestrian crossing bridge at Yahata Higashi, Kitakyushu, Japan

One of the mostly misfit urban infrastructure in Indonesian cities is the crossing facility for the pedestrian, or oftenly referred as JPO, Jembatan Penyeberangan Orang (Crossing Bridge for Human. It is a funny name since for sure nobody else except the people (red. human) would use these JPOs. Because even for them, the JPO is difficult to use. Moreover for the chicken, the cat, the dinosaur, and others 🙂

As an example, in the city of Bandarlampung all JPOs is attached with advertisement installation of which covering almost its whole appearance. But in fact, the JPOs are indeed part of the property of the advertising companies. As a result, the purpose is to advert either some products or some governor candidates. Not to cross the pedestrian. Once I wrote on Facebook that mentioned the JPO as “the advertisement board that can be climbed (by the pedestrian in order to cross the road).

Building a JPO facility which is comfortable for the pedestrian is actually not difficult. With the current costruction technology available, a good JPO could be easily provided by the government. The cost and the time need are also not as massive as other urban infrastructures. The priority is clear which is the pedestrian who is actually the citizen of the city. However it is up to the sincerity of the city government now.

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