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A Pretty Girl Picture on Her Mom’s Cellphone

Funny thing happened to me tonight. I was experiencing a situation which once has occurred to me in the past.

I was in this party of which was held by one of millionaires in town. The party was a bit old fashioned. Main reason was because the guest was mainly elderlies. I went to this party because I had to accompany my father who is a friend of the host.

The party was held in a inner courtyard which has a swimming pool in the middle of it. Some round tables were scattered all over the courtyard. The party was started with dinner and continued through out the end with music ala karaoke. At first I sat down in a round table in the front row with my father but then as the result of not knowing basically anyone beside my father, I ended up sitting in the corner of the pool side, sipping off a cup of black coffee.

But then out of nowhere this situation started to emerge. A girl whom I recognized as the secretary of the millionaire host – I had met him a couple of times before since he was asking me to make some landscape designs for his properties, and of course I met his secretary too – came and sat down just next to my seat. She came with a lady, typical glamorous one and started some chit chat with me. Asking where I live, don’t I want to sing on the stage, bla bla bla. The girl was quite pretty so I followed her chit chat with some relieves, finally a way out from this boredom. Then the lady joined our conversation and at the end the girl left and I ended up sitting down with this “going to be weird” chat with the lady.

She started the conversation with the topic of “my daughter wants to continue studying” since she knew from the girl that I am an architect who also teach in a private university. She told me that she has a daughter who has just graduated from a diploma degree majoring in civil engineering in a state university in a city named Yogyakarta. I told her that I was graduated from the same university. She started to have this funny stare at me. Next she found out who my father is, the funny stare came out stronger. Then she started a story about how her daughter wants to continue studying to a bachelor degree but the extension program was no longer available in that state university. When she then asked for my opinion, I responded by suggesting her to tell her daughter that in the private university where I teach, the extension program is available. The funny stare was then followed by a request of my phone number. I gave it without any presumption.

Then she was kind of busy with her cellphone, I was thinking that she was trying to save my number and then receiving some messages, but while doing so she was telling some stories about her daughter. This is going somewhere, I thought. I was right, just when I saw my father was just about to leave and that meant I have to leave too, she showed me a picture on her cellphone. A big smile on the lady’s face and a picture of her daughter on her cellphone, very pretty, but of course I didn’t say that. I managed to hide my feeling by asking how old she is and fortunately, my father waved to me and asked me to leave with him. I excused myself to the lady whom I even didn’t know her name.

But you know what, lady. That situation you gave to me has been once occurred to my life in the past. Another lady has done the same to me a long time ago and the damage from that, I could have never cured.

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