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A New Start

Just saying,

that a start will never happen, when you say: later…

So start from now, I am going to do this…write, write and write. Not just about what I am thinking but more to what I am feeling. So it maybe damn wrong according to prof. Einstein, but it maybe right according to….me!

Writing is another passion of me but it has been discouraged by so less time I can spare to write. But wait! maybe not…It may take me a while to arrange thing on my mind and spill it out as words. But it could only take a second just to burst out with what I feel at the time and shout it loud!

And that is what exactly I am going to do here.

Another note from me, since I am not going to think over what I am going to write in here. So please, do not take it seriously…


PS. I am also famous of my inconsistency. So this is also how I challenge myself.

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