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My Name is Jack (English)




Hi, whoever you are! Don’t you want to know my story? Story of my life that I am pretty sure none of you had been through of it, unless you are the same like me.


My name is Jack. I was born as an orphan and spending the first days of my life in a small orphanage in the middle of an old town. Until then a childless couple adopted me and cared me like their own child. Papa and Mama that is what they told me to called them. For so many times we were living in that old town until one day Papa told us that he has to move because of his work so then we decided to moved together.


Our new neighborhood was very comfortable. That was the first impression that I felt when Papa’s car was passing by the neighborhood front yard. The green grasses mixed with the well arranged ornamental flowers laid beautifully in the surrounding of our new house. The sunshine that went through from the shadows of oak trees brought the warmness and touched our skin smoothly.


When the first time we were moving, the neighbors welcomed us very kindly and that was the first time I saw her. A gorgeous girl with black straight long hair with a sadly looking eye was staring secretly at me from the behind of her parent shoulders. I was sure that in one second she was smiling to me. But unfortunately our first meeting had gone as the wind blew. Exactly at time when I braved my self to greet her, her parent said good bye to my parent.


Since then I have never met her again because Papa and Mama asked me to just stay at our new home while they were making sure that our new neighborhood is safe for us especially for me. They always said that the safest place for me is inside the house. Papa and Mama did not want to loose their “most priceless treasure” which is me as their only child and I always been grateful of that. Although I thought sometimes their apprehension was too much. This new neighborhood seemed quite peacefully for me.


A few months after, Papa and Mama started to give me a permission to go outside for play or just take a walk around our new neighborhood. Wow! I can not tell u how happy I was when in one afternoon they said that I can go outside for the first time. I was laughing and running as fast as I can along the way.  I was also enjoying the fresh air and wonderful scent of trees that I only could feel it from inside of my window. Since then, every afternoon I was always taking my time to walk around the neighborhood just by myself. And sometime if I were over exciting, I jumped and ran crazily along the way.


Until one afternoon, when I was walking around the neighborhood, on the last corner to my house I saw a girl was crossing the road in a hurry while from the opposite way, a bus was moving speedy to her direction. Oh my god! Panicky, I looked around and hoped that someone saw it too and then warned her. Then I realized that I was the only one there. And lastly without any longer thinking I ran as fast as I can and jumped to reach her body. But what happened was I just jumped on nothing. My feet trampled over her feet made her lost her balance and we fell down together to the side road. She had saved! The loudness of the bus sound was going away just a few feet from the place where we fell down. For a wile I felt pain on my head and when I opened my eyes all of a sudden the pain gone away. The girl face was very near to my face with a little smile on her lip. And then I recognized this girl.


Yeah! She was the gorgeous girl with black straight long hair with a sadly looking eye who was staring at me in our first time moving into this neighborhood. Obviously she was worrying my condition although from the expression on her face I knew that she also a little bit shocked because of this accident. Carefully with her right hand she helped me to stand and asked me if I am alright or not. In the same time, the other hand was cleaning the dust from all over her dress. But before I even had a chance to say a word, she, with her sadly looking eye looked deep into my eye and from her lip comes out a couple of words that after a while I realized as thankfully expression and then she went away all of s sudden again in such a hurry. That was really an amazing second time we met each other.


When I came back to home, Mama was already waiting for me in the terrace. It seemed like I already too late for coming home this time. I saw an evening sky behind of me and then a golden shine from the sunset blinded my eye. Meanwhile the dark blue background gave the sign that the night is coming. A little scream came out from her lips right after she saw the wound all over my body. Then with patiently Mama lent a hand to me and took me go inside our house. In the living room, Mama cleaned all fresh scars on my body and banded my broken arm with a white soft bandage. She did not angry at me, just silence, but then I saw her eyes. And I saw tears on it. After that accident I was not allowed to go outside our house for three weeks in a row. And at the third week afternoon, Mama opened the door for me and smiled while she said,


“Go and play…But be careful, my child…”


What happened next was really unbelievable for me. When I started to run to the afternoon sunshine, I found that girl was standing in the corner of the street and waiting for my present. And when her sight finally caught my figure, all of a sudden she ran and greeted me like when a girl met her hero boyfriend who survived from war. She said her name is Amy. She lived in a big house up the hill, just a few minutes walking from my neighborhood. Then, words by words came out from her lips while I was enjoying listening on her. I really liked her stories, how she was telling it, how she spoke, the rhythm of her voice which was very melodic and the sound of her funny tiny laugh, everything about her made me satisfied enough as a listener.


Amy told me all stories about her life, about her family which is very strict and formal, about her father who rarely comes back home but every time he comes back, he always brings a lot of money and toys, about her mother who often teach her cooking but always yells at her every time she start to screw up, about how very often she had been forced by her three elder brothers to do this and that, just like the time when she met me, almost got killed because of rushing out to buy orange juice for one of her brother. Her mother knows about this but she always tells her to obey her brothers because she thinks that they know more than she knows. From the way she was telling me the stories, I knew that she felt very lonely and she was really enjoying the time with me. And I felt the same too, even then I thought, I started to fell in love to her. Since the first sight long time ago.


Since then, every afternoon, I and Amy walked together around our neighborhood. Sometimes we ran but more often we just walked slowly to the sun set. Along the journey we never stopped playing, sometimes punched each other, sometimes screamed to each other, and sometimes played hide and seek along the way. The leaves from the oak trees were falling down all over us and joining our joyfulness. One time we stopped for a while in a tiny garden which is full of jasmine and then we were rolling over on a little grass hill which is full of dry jasmine flowers that felt down over it. On other time we stopped in an ice cream shop and Amy bought a Mocca ice cream that we finished together. I never had a chance to buy an ice cream because Mama never gave me money to buy candy or ice cream. I was happy not just because I had my first ice cream but because at that time, I ate the ice cream together with Amy. That was the greatest moment in my life when my lips sometimes was very close to her lips and I could see her beautiful eyes so clearly. At this moment, her face became red colored, her sadly eyes blinked flirty and then suddenly we stared to each other without any words. But not so long after that we were laughing at our weird acting. Every moments that I spent with Amy was the most precious time in my life and if I did not misunderstood her smile, she also felt the same. We were in love.


But my happiness was not lasted long. Yesterday afternoon, when I came back to my home after my journey with Amy, I saw many of our neighbors in front of our front door. They all were looked very sad even some of then could not stopped their tears. I rushed to go inside my home and when I was inside the living room, I saw Papa and Mama laid down in the floor with blood all over their bodies. My home really looked like had been hit by a storm. Every picture on the wall had felt down, all furniture had broken, and every drawer had forcedly opened. And then I found out that Papa and Mama had been murdered by a bunch of robbers that came into my house and took everything they wanted. What I did then was just stayed in the corner of the living room, laughing at Papa and Mama’s opinion that being outside home is dangerous because ironically they were found dead inside our home.


This morning was Papa and Mama’s funeral and now I just stand in front of their grave stones, while the neighbors are leaving one by one. In the far distance, I see Amy and her mother is going closer to my direction. After they are close enough, I can see that Amy’s face looks so bad just like she was crying all the night. I know that she is worrying how I can survive without my parent. From her eyes, I know that she doesn’t want to loose me and so do I. Amy is the only person that I loved now, after I lost my parent. I need her to be in my side. For a moment, three of us just stand still without say anything while the water drops for the sky as a sign that rain will come. Amy’s voice breaks the silence, the most beautiful sound that I ever heard, and says the most beautiful things that I would like to hear at this time. 


“Mom, could I take care of this cat? He looks so sad. I really want him. People said his name is Jack”, asked Amy to her mother while her eye is staring at me. Her mother smiles as a sign that she agrees.


Amy looks so happy and then she grabs me and hugs me on her chest. She touches my fur that already a little bit wet because of the rain and then we are leaving the cemetery together. I look at her eyes to say thank you and I think she understand what I want to say.

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  1. ini curhatnya kucing ya?hehe..maklum inggrisku parah..
    pantes ja dialognya minim…n lbh byk deskripsinya..
    sip sip……
    tp kayaknya kl crtnya kepanjangan bikin bosen hehe…peace pak ^_^
    mmm.. mo komen pa lg ya scr aku amatir ursan tulis menulis..
    y udah met berkarya trs ja…

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